Please read our TOS carefully before you sign up with our services!

All of the services we provide are free or charge except one paid hosting plan. We do not place any ads on our customers website, we do not pace any popups or popunders. Our severs are reliable and works with 99,9% uptime (which is counted yearly), howerver some downtime is possible due to natural hardware failute or DDoS attacks to our servers. We ONLY ask our clients for these personal details during sign up:

01. Client Name
02. Client Email
03. Client Last Name
04. Country
05. Password for registration

No more information is required to complete the registrantion process for the free hosting services.
We also use cookies on our website so please be aware of this.

By signing up with our company you agree to these Terms Of Use.

Prohibided content on our servers:

01. Hacking related scripts
02. Adult content (all type of adult content, including child porn)
03. Warez, Cracks, etc...
04. All copyrighted content
05. Illegal files whicg are not allowed by USA laws
06. Mass mailing scripts
07. Chat, Proxy, Download scripts
08. Paid To Surf, AutoSurf websites
09. Online gamin scripts
10. Nulled scripts
11. Torrents
12. Download site (you can not use website for downloads only)

If you have any questions about something that is not listed here, please contact us and ask before doing something which may end up in account termination.

Remember, all websites that violates our TOS can be and will be removed from the server withour any notice and ability to host with us again!

For abuse, contact us at

Free Servers Team